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Month: June 2014

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  • Abe tells women to “shine,” but, really, he meant “die!”

Abe tells women to “shine,” but, really, he meant “die!”

A blog post written by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to show his support for women backfires when people pointed out that the English word "shine" can actually be read…

Sexist jibes at Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Spark & Ignite Protests

The insults included such gems as: “You should hurry up and get married!” "Can’t you have babies?” The remarks brought up bad memories for some of the population as it…

Japan on the whale path again; kills 30 minke in latest hunt

Media sources have linked Japan's recent hunting season to March's IWC ruling, but because you think Japan has broken the law, look closely.

Get ready to dance in the streets–Japan to revise anti-dance laws! (Maybe)

The Japanese government will submit a bill to revise the controversial laws regulating dance clubs this fall in a special Diet session.

Put Tokyo in your pocket: Lonely Planet’s Pocket Tokyo is a great guide book

Tokyo is far to big to cover in one short trip, but Lonely Planet's travel guide to Tokyo shows you the places worth hitting.

Scary Tales From Japan’s Marriage Graveyard: My Wife Divorced Me Over “Frozen”

A husband's lack of interested in the Disney movie "Frozen" was the icing on the cake that triggered his wife's demand for a divorce.

Over-Educated, Under-Paid and Most Likely Single: Women in Japan’s Academia

Japanese academia is crowded with smart, talented women, according to the book Kogakureki Jyoshino Hinkon, but it seems very few in this country have any idea how to welcome or…

ASKA comes out with new hit…. “Say yes—to meth”

Japanese singer-songwriter ASKA is known best for his 1991 hit single with music duo CHAGE and ASKA, “Say Yes,” but his recent arrest over drug possession shows that he just…

Tokyo gets its first Bitcoin ATM–at The Pink Cow of all places

Tokyo first Bitcoin ATM is operational--at a bar and restaurant in the middle of Roppongi.