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Japan Subculture Research Center

A guide to the Japanese underworld, Japanese pop-culture, yakuza and everything dark under the sun.

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Japan Subculture Research Center was founded in 2007 to expose the hidden side of Japan – its underground economy, its trends, its sex trade, politics, corruption, subculture and all the other intriguing and seedy aspects that keep the country running.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/japansubculture

Twitter: @japankenkyu  @Jakeadelstein

Instagram: @tokyovice

Direct all correspondence or submissions to japansubcultureresearchcenter@gmail.com. We are a small operation so we rarely pay for external articles but welcome submissions or contributions. Thanks for checking us out.

If you feel like supporting alternative journalism about this lovely island country, feel free to make a donation via this link (PayPal) or the button on the sidebar. You can also subscribe to our Patreon, which we plan to update with exclusive content in the near future.