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The Tokyo Vice Vice-0-Pedia: Your Snarky Guide To The Japanese Underworld

Japan's underworld is a fascinating blend of Edo-era rituals and intriguing personalities. In this article, we'll introduce you to three of them.

outstanding tokyo English Standup comedy This Friday!

ince then, the show has grown to offer an inclusive venue to comedians of all kinds, but especially to those who know what it's like to be treated as "the…

The Imperatrix of Tokyo Reigns Forever: Koike is here to stay

Ishii calls Koike "a monster" but from Koike's point of view, that title may have just as well have gotten her re-elected. Koike has thrived on negativity, in particular the…

DME lives! Sunday Night (February 10) Celebrate The 3 Day Weekend at XEX Nihonbashi

3 hours of music, dance, DJs and drinks. Also featuring special guests, The Dream Team, with a singer alleged to be the second-coming of Whitney Houston. Feature live performances by…

Heal your heart and body with FYE workshops: Find Your Element in Fall 2018

As much as we love Japan, it's a stressful place. If you don't know the language, even more so. And actually, sometimes knowing the language makes it even worse. If…

James Bailey Turns In His Final Review. Rest in Peace (1946-2018)

"He was a ferocious researcher. I remember his prodigious memory; if you were with him and Mark Schreiber, you didn’t need the internet.”

Heal Your Expat Heart: Find Your Element Workshops Next Class March 15th

If you feel like you’re on someone else’s path, feel creatively blocked, are bored with your current job, and remain unsure about whether you are maximizing your potential and/or whether…

Wearable Technology Tells How Your Pets Feel

By Julianne Chiaet They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but how does your pet really feel about you? Japanese company Anicall developed a wearable device that they claim can…

The Clear Skies Of Winter Tokyo Are Gorgeous.

The winters are cold; the skyline is ethereal.

From 98-Pound Weakling to Black Belt

  By Benjamin Boas Mou ikkai! Do it again! Punching someone properly is an incredibly difficult thing to do. It was not enough to simply drive my fist forward and…