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  • The Silent Fraud: How A Brunei Group of Conmen Swindled Japanese Nationals for Years

The Silent Fraud: How A Brunei Group of Conmen Swindled Japanese Nationals for Years

For years, Brunei has been ensnaring over 100 Japanese nationals in scams, while authorities from both sides fail to collaborate toward a resolution.

Japan’s Finest: The Top 3 Condoms for Your Pleasure

On the hunt for the perfect condom to suit your needs? Look no further — here are the top three preferences in Japan!

Bring Them Home: Ongoing Battle for Japanese Hostages in North Korea

It's been 46 years since Takumi Yokota last saw his sister Megumi. Their family was just like any other, until Megumi became one of the many Japanese hostages held captive…

The Tokyo Vice Vice-0-Pedia: Your Snarky Guide To The Japanese Underworld

Japan's underworld is a fascinating blend of Edo-era rituals and intriguing personalities. In this article, we'll introduce you to three of them.

What I’ve Learned In The 30 Years Since I Became A Reporter: The 12 Rules Of Being A Good Journalist In Japan

Share your data. The internet is a vast and endless storage hub. If you’ve written something the world should know--put up supporting data and documents on the web, maybe in…

Comment gagner un combat perdu d’avance contre les auteurs de pièges à clics?

S’il y a une maxime de connue chez les yakuza, c’est bien « Dès que tu arriveras au sommet, quelqu’un essaiera de t’en faire tomber. » L’univers du journalisme est,…

Samurai play soccer and other fairy tales: Japan and the world cup

In the early naughts an older co-worker sidled up to me one afternoon in the company corridor and told me with a mix of swagger and sincerity that if I…

Japan: The Shape Of Things To Come? Find out this Sunday (May 15)

This coming Sunday (May 15, starting 10am), sees a unique event at the Yokohama campus of Meiji Gakuin University and online via Zoom, called THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME, marking the…

‘White Day’: a new poem from ume’SHHU

It’s been several months since we announced the publication of the Japanese angsty poetry collection, Molasses and Shochu, but we wanted to share this new addition by Phoebe Amoroso also…

Unemployed in the Pandemic: First-Hand Accounts from Hello Work

by Farrah Hasnain The COVID-19 outbreak has hit Japan hard as of late. Classrooms remain empty after spring break, restaurants begin to provide take-out, and factories stall upcoming projects. The…