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  • The Race To Run Tokyo: Who’s going to be the next governor of the megapolis?

The Race To Run Tokyo: Who’s going to be the next governor of the megapolis?

Will The Empress Continue To Reign? Probably.

Battle for Venus: Kamakura’s 68-Year-Old Cafe Faces Forced Eviction

The iconic 68-year-old Venus Café faces demolition, yet Kamakura City stands firm, leaving no room for discussion or clarification.

How a sumo tournament led to the downfall of the yakuza

The yakuza, Japan’s infamous organised crime syndicates, have gone into a death spiral in recent years and Jake Adelstein says it is partly due to an incident at a sumo…

Bring Them Home: Ongoing Battle for Japanese Hostages in North Korea

It's been 46 years since Takumi Yokota last saw his sister Megumi. Their family was just like any other, until Megumi became one of the many Japanese hostages held captive…

Sign for Tigran and Nadeem: Demand Their Freedom Now!

No news yet on the release of Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, who continue to be unjustly detained. As days pass, their families grow increasingly desperate for answers. Yuri Gambaryan,…

Nigerian Court Refrains from Extension, Yet Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla Remain Detained Without Charges

Tigran and Nadeem dedicated their careers to revolutionizing the financial world, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrency. Despite their tireless efforts, they find themselves unjustly detained, with no legitimate charges…

Cybercrime Fighting Heroes Held Hostage In Nigeria; Free Tigran and Nadeem

Tigran Gambaryan's career is anchored by one constant: an unwavering dedication to justice He put child pornographers and crypto-criminals out of business. Now he's being held hostage in Nigeria, a…

Creators behind The Walking Dead launch Japanese content division

Skybound Japan's inaugural project, in collaboration with Fuji TV, is Heart Attack, an electrifying sci-fi television series based on the Skybound original graphic novel series by Shawn Kittelsen (Injustice 2,…

[嘘つきの安倍晋三には、こんな豪華な葬儀はふさわしくない」 殺された元総理は、日本を「真実を言えない国家」に改悪した


The Johnny & Associates Scandal: A Silent Japanese Media Was An Accomplice Says Expert Panel

On August 29, Japan witnessed the unfolding of one of its most controversial entertainment revelations. The scandal surrounding the late Johnny Kitagawa, former president of Johnny & Associates, who passed…