Pole dancing goths, Day-Glo Dominatrix, and gay pride–a crazy night at Tokyo Decadance

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Tokyo Decadance Bar is one of the favorite hangouts of Tokyo’s alternative, Goth and Cyber club kids. Here are photos from two trips to “Decabar.” Don’t miss the infamous Preta Porco in his signature yellow face paint if you’re there!

A Not-So-Neat Collage of Daily Life: The Work of Kon Wajiro

kon wajiro 2

Kon Wajiro’s work is a sociological survey of urban life, touching upon the often looked-over and taken-for-granted intricacies of daily routine.

The Tears of a Cat: Hello Kitty’s Guide to Japan, English and Japanese/ ハローティの英語で紹介する

hello kitty

There’s something incredibly moving about a single tear dribbling from the tiny eyes of Hello Kitty; her lack of a mouth even makes it all the more poignant

Yakuza Movie Icon Takakura Ken Talks To JSRC About Yakuza Movies. EXCLUSIVE!

昭和残侠伝 破れ傘(プレビュー)

But I think that the reason the general public identified with the roles I played, was that they were struck by my stance as a man who unrelentingly stands up to absurd injustices. It wasn’t just that I was just going off to a sword fight, but that my character was willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect the people important to him. JSRC: Mr. Takakura, you have been called the Clint Eastwood of Japan, what do you think of that?
Ken Takakura: It’s what someone else thinks, so I have no thoughts on the matter. 

Book Review: Tokyo Underworld–a classic on the dark side of Japan

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 23.15.47

There are very few gaijin (foreigners) who know what happens on the dark side of the rising sun like Robert Whiting. Whiting is an American author and journalist living in Japan, one of the rare ones who has written great books published in both English and Japanese language after he first set foot in Japan [...]

Japanese rockers sing the truth about post-meltdown Fukushima. Is anyone listening?

Tepco employees facing Fukushima citizens questions

“We’re living in a material world. A radioactive material world, ” jokes the lead singer. “This isn’t the future we hoped for.” They released their second mini-album “Living in a Radioactive Material World” this year. The title song has the punch of early Clash, the vocals on the acoustic song, “アスノメ (the eye of tomorrow) are smoky, poignant and reminiscent of Marianne Faithful–if she had been a protest singer. The live recording of 打ち砕いて (Knock it down) has in the background the enthusiastic cheers from the Fukushima local high school kids, who find their despair voiced in the lyrics of the band.

What We Wear About When We Think About Clothes: Musings on Japanese Fashion

Rei Kawakubo's works for Comme des Garcons, Spring/Summer 1997. Her work is extensively featured in the Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion exhibit and book.

Back in the late 20th century, the word on the street about Japanese fashion was that it had the lowest f*ckability points in the world. “I wouldn’t want to bed a girl wearing Comme des Garcons.” A guy I used to date said that, but then he was a paeleolithic rugby player whose idea of womens’ clothing consisted of pink micro minis and white high heels.
The Japanese have become much more relaxed about fashion, thanks mainly to the marketing ploys of Japan’s own, homegrown casual wear brand Uniqlo, which the young Japanese love as much as overseas discount brands like H&M and 21 Forever. As for Japanese fashion’s f*ckability points, they’ve gone up. Way up.

Panties for Smart Phones Become Du Jour in Japan

If your cell-phone is naked, you’re totally behind the fashion curve. Since this spring over a million pure silicone panties were sold in Japan. Silicone may not sound like the most comfortable of lingerie materials but they weren’t your ordinary underwear; they were mini-panties, boxer briefs, special underwear made for smart phones. Naked phones are simply gauche now.

Bandai Co., LTD (Bandai), one of Japan’s biggest toymakers released the product SMART PANTS™ (スマートパンツ)in March of this year and found that their slightly ribald knickers had become a surprise hit.

Smartphone game developers sell virtual love while Japan’s Police monitor real “love” sales

Smartphone Game by Voltage Inc.

Tokyo – October 25th, 2013 Love for sale. Sometimes it’s legal, sometimes it’s not. Virtual romance games have always been a niche in Japan’s PC gaming industry but now they are going mobile.  For those who’d like a little virtual love in their lives, here is an introduction. The Koibito game series designed by Waka Yoshida [...]

Toyoda Designs 100% Driverless Car: HARU2001. Self-determining vehicles are the future!

The Toyoda HARU2001 is the world's first 100% driverless car. Drunk or excessively sweaty drivers are not even able to open the doors.

“Nissan, Honda, everybody is designing a self-driving car. We thought, ‘Hey, what if we take out the human component altogether?’ And that’s how we came up with the HARU2001,” Toyoda Chief Operating Officer Nariyuki Amanojaku says.

The HARU2001 does not require a human driver to get to its destination. In fact, much like a drone, it can be completely controlled by remote–but does not require constant monitoring. A verbal command will allow the car to go wherever it is commanded to go with no one inside the car at all–making it perfect for book and pizza delivery and other services. Amazen Japan is already looking into buying several of the prototypes.