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Month: October 2023

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Boy Idols And Dostoevsky Come Together in Bad Lands

Neri has a room in one of the labyrinthine apartments in the notorious Nishinari district of Osaka. This is where homeless and day laborers co-exist in precarious harmony and where…

Game on Japan! Instant ramen for gamers is a game changing junk food revolution

The Game-Changing Noodles Every Gamer Needs In Their Pantry By Slacker Jones The hustle of daily life coupled with intense gaming sessions calls for not just any snack, but one…

The Typewriter Was His Paintbrush

Keith Armstrong, born in 1950, was not just an artist. He was a symbol of unwavering tenacity. Suffering from polio, he found himself confined to a wheelchair, with limited use…

The Subculturist: The man behind Tokyo’s most infamous city guidebook

For a decade, Steven Schultz was the world’s window into the most extreme and intriguing corners of Tokyo. Until one day, suddenly, he wasn’t.