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Shiga: What's a few tons of paper to spread the word against yakuza?


Apr 20, 2011

The Shiga prefectural government knows no limits in their dedication to fight crime, printing a whopping 100,000 fliers to spread information on new anti-organised crime regulations that will come into effect this summer.

Government officials cited how local citizen’s co-operation would be vital in ensuring the regulations come to fruit, printing the adverts in hopes of reaching a large portion of the prefecture’s 1.4 million people. The fliers are flashy, printed double-side and in color, with numerous illustrations and warnings against the dangers of dealing with organised crime.

The regulations, set to come into effect August 1, include some of the most serious anti-organised crime efforts to date. The ordinances will prohibit construction companies from erecting, renovating or doing maintenance on yakuza-related offices and buildings, a nation-wide first. Organised crime groups will also be prohibited from operating within 200 meters of any parks or schools.

Original article here. If anyone can get a copy, let us know!

Jake’s note: Notice how Sarah now spells organized crime with an “s”. She’s been in Britain too long. It happens. We won’t prohibit this United Kingdom spelling on the website, but now will be as flexible in our spelling as we are in our fight against organi(z)ed crime.

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