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Kobe neighbours once again regret living near those pesky Yamaguchi's


Apr 22, 2011
Police prepare to raid the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters April 11. Photo from Jiji Tsushin

There goes the neighbourhood.. again. Kobe authorities led a raid on the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters April 22, bringing a mass of 100 officers as backup for a quick in-and-out of the premises. The 30-minute search was ordered in connection with the April 11 arrest of second-level gang boss Noriaki Imura. Imura was picked up for attempted blackmail after, back in November 2010, he and an associate were visiting an Osaka massage parlour and got angry when they saw one of their favourites get scolded by a staff member, then violently demanded to be paid mikajime-ryo.

This is the first raid made on the Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters since the release of leader Kenichi Sonoda, also known as Shinobu Tsukasa, after serving most of a six-year prison sentence for gun possession. Police are cracking down out of concern that, with the release of the gang’s head honcho, the Yamaguchi-gumi may try and once again increase their influence. Kobe residents had better invest in some good earplugs.

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