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IMAGINE JOURNALIST: JAPAN! Coming soon For Virtual Boy 2! Nintendo DS version already available*


Apr 7, 2011

The IMAGINE JOURNALIST game for Nintendo DS is an amazing simulation game capturing the life of a journalist, from budding reporter to international correspondent. It’s stunning realism and great game play have already made it a favorite of many of us in the industry.  Allegedly Columbia University is going to add it to their journalism program in the very near future. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to work on the special Japan edition: Imagine Journalist Japan(Real World Edition) for Nintendo’s allegedly planned Virtual Boy 2. Virtual Boy (1) was a failure and the subsequent death of its creator, who also was the father of Gameboy, Gunpei Yokoi, spawned a number of conspiracy theories that refuse to die.

As a treat for our readers, here’s an exclusive preview. In the updated versions, you’ll start out thousand of dollars/pounds/yen in debt after paying for a graduate degree that won’t even land you a job. Work your way out of debt while being an unpaid slave (intern) at a major news corporation, all the while evading credit card debt collectors. If you can avoid becoming an alcoholic or giving up on journalism and  joining a PR firm, you may  actually land a low-paid job as a real journalist. In this special edition,  the player will actually get to explore the hidden Shibuya Eggman nuclear reactor and break the news to the world, as an ace reporter for a major television network.  I hope that it will serve as inspiration to everyone planning a rewarding career as a highly demanded foreign correspondent.

*May be out of print or have never existed. The status of Virtual Boy 2 has not yet been confirmed by any credible source. Ahem.

Never before has a game captured the life of a foreign correspondent in Japan so well!
12 thoughts on “IMAGINE JOURNALIST: JAPAN! Coming soon For Virtual Boy 2! Nintendo DS version already available*”
  1. Sarah and Our Man thanks for the positive input. Ren means to say that she loves the piece in her own charming way. 😀
    The mini-game really elevates it to a totally new level. Maybe they’ll add 3-D in the next version!

  2. Jake I think you need to get out more, actually on second thoughts after finishing the book yesterday, maybe you should stay in a bit more!
    Many thanks for a brilliant, brave, moving, funny read. Keep up the good work, you are a very courageous man. Thanks again.

  3. From what I read and deduced certainly courageous, possibly crazy too! Made me thankful my wife (Japanese) and I (English) moved to Nara rather than Tokyo, slightly more peaceful here, I hope!

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