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Creators behind The Walking Dead launch Japanese content division

Skybound Entertainment, the powerhouse behind iconic franchises like The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Impact Winter, has set its sights on the Land of the Rising Sun. With the official launch of Skybound Japan, a new division dedicated to expanding its international footprint and fostering creative collaborations within the Japanese entertainment industry, the company is gearing up for a new era of global recognition.

The move comes after a year of strategic planning in Japan, starting with a significant investment in Remow, a global distributor of Japanese anime, founded by the Japanese publisher Shueisha. More recently, Skybound forged a partnership with Fuji TV, solidifying its commitment to the Japanese market.

Skybound Japan’s inaugural project, in collaboration with Fuji TV, is Heart Attack, an electrifying sci-fi television series based on the Skybound original graphic novel series by Shawn Kittelsen (Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat) and Eric Zawadzki (House of El). Set in a post-pandemic world where gene therapy has saved humanity from disease but spawned individuals with unique powers, the show delves into the struggles of Variants, whose human rights are denied by the government.

Rick Jacobs, Managing Partner of Linear Content at Skybound Entertainment, expressed his excitement about the venture, saying, “As lifelong fans of Japanese content, the opportunity to help bring these stories to life in live action and anime is a dream come true. The adaptation of Heart Attack is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in the Japanese market.”

Leading the charge at Skybound Japan is Ash Nukui, (producer, The Sniffer, Memoir of A Teenage Amnesiac) and formerly associated with Bandai Namco Group. Nukui brings a wealth of knowledge of both the Japanese and international entertainment landscapes to the table. The division is poised to actively seek partnerships with local talent, creators, and studios, creating an environment ripe for innovative storytelling and a pivotal role in bringing diverse and culturally relevant content to audiences worldwide.

With Skybound Entertainment’s reputation for fostering creativity and its deep-rooted love for Japanese culture, Skybound Japan appears primed to make waves in the dynamic world of manga, anime, TV, film, video games, and beyond. As these creative forces unite, fans and enthusiasts can anticipate a surge in captivating content and groundbreaking collaborations on the horizon.


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