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As April 2nd dawns, a new month brings the promise of spring, with temperatures on the rise. Yet, amidst this renewal, there’s still no positive news on the unjust confinement of former Special Agent Tigran Gambaryan and Nadeem Anjarwalla, high-ranking employees at Binance. Tigran, a US citizen, led Financial Crime Compliance, while Nadeem,  a citizen of Kenya and the UK, represented Binance in East and West Africa.

Free Tigran

Since February 26th, the two Binance executives have been detained by Nigerian authorities in a guest house room, their reasons for detention shrouded in mystery. Yet, their affiliation with Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, hints at a connection. Nigerian authorities have been aggressively targeting cryptocurrencies, ostensibly to salvage the national currency from total collapse. Seemingly at the cost of sacrificing the individual freedoms of innocent people.

Dispatched to Nigeria on February 25 by their company, Tigran and Nadeem were on a mission: to hold official meetings and negotiate common ground with authorities. Their goal? To address the fallout from the Nigerian government’s decision to cut off crypto companies from telecom giants. However, their mission took a dark turn. Instead of engaging in verbal negotiations, they found themselves in an unexpected role: hostages for the Nigerian government, evidently used as bargaining chips to pressure crypto companies into compliance.

Confined to a room without charges and stripped of their passports, Tigran and Nadeem’s freedom hangs by a thread. With no clear answers and uncertainty about their governments’ efforts to secure their release, they remain in limbo. Despite the Nigerian court’s approved 14-day detention period for further investigations, which expired almost a month ago, there’s been no sign of the authorities changing course.

While the world marches on outside their confined room, Tigran and Nadeem’s families are stuck in the agonizing moment they learned of their unjust detention. Their wives fight tirelessly for their release, longing for the day they can reunite. These devoted husbands and fathers are robbed of precious moments with their loved ones. Above all, the Nigerian authorities seem to have overlooked a fundamental truth — they are human beings. Their lives shouldn’t be gambled in a political game they never signed up for.

Tigran’s wife, Yuri Gambaryan, has launched a new petition demanding freedom for her husband and his colleague. Every signature counts, bringing their plight to the attention of US officials and exerting pressure for prompt action. With increased pressure, there’s a greater chance of freeing these innocent men from their 40-day unjust confinement. Let’s ensure they reunite with their families where they rightfully belong. Sign the petition and amplify Tigran and Nadeem’s families’ voices!


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