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  • ASKA comes out with new hit…. “Say yes—to meth”

ASKA comes out with new hit…. “Say yes—to meth”

Japanese singer-songwriter ASKA is known best for his 1991 hit single with music duo CHAGE and ASKA, “Say Yes,” but his recent arrest over drug possession shows that he just…

Tokyo gets its first Bitcoin ATM–at The Pink Cow of all places

Tokyo first Bitcoin ATM is operational--at a bar and restaurant in the middle of Roppongi.

Book Review: How to Use Fuck (For Japanese Students of Eigo)

How to Use Fuck Correctly: 99 Phrases Using Fuck, Shit, Damn, and Hell that Schools won’t Teach You that Should be Used with Care (正しいFUCK 使い方学校では教えてくれない、取扱注意のFuck, Shit, Damn, Hellを使った99フレーズ) is…

The First Rule Of Secret 3D Gun Club In Japan: Don’t Upload The Video of Firing The Gun on Youtube

In Japan, getting your hands on a gun is almost impossible, so the natural thing to do if you want a firearm is to make one. Or more appropriately, print…

Activists launch lawsuit against Taiji Whale Museum

Activists have sued the Taiji Whale Museum for racial discrimination.

No Spitting On The Train…Staff or Conductor. Japan Commuter Etiquette #1

Don't spit on station workers. They're human, too. JR Railways releases a series of hilarious posters warning passengers to be nice to railway staff.

In regards to “Questions surround reporter’s revisionist take on Japan’s history”

On May 8th, Kyodo News published an article concerning former New York Times Tokyo bureau chief Henry S. Stokes and his recent best-seller 英国人記者が見た連合国戦勝史観の虚妄  (Falsehoods of the Allied Nations’ Victorious…

TEPCO makes $4.3 Billion in 2013 despite meltdown. Crime doesn’t pay, criminal negligence does

TEPCO posted a profit for the first time since the nuclear meltdown. The amount is less than the ¥47 billion the government gave to the company last September.

Go-Betweens: The World Seen through Children

Mori Art Museum will start an exhibition that focuses on life through the eyes of children, in a country that faces a shortage of them and an ageing population.

Photos from Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014

Japan's 3rd annual gay pride parade was held in Yoyogi Park and Shibuya yesterday.