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Month: April 2014

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Photos from Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014

Japan's 3rd annual gay pride parade was held in Yoyogi Park and Shibuya yesterday.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2014

Tokyo's 3rd annual gay pride parade will be held on April 16, 2014.

Exploring the “hidden legacy” of World War II internment camps

Rather than being stamped out, traditional Japanese performing arts flourished within the World War II internment camps that Japanese-Americans were imprisoned in.

A Look at Japan’s Annual Penis Worshipping Festival

The Kanamara Festival is held each year in Kawasaki City. Here, phallic objects and candies are in abundance.

Rakuten stops selling whale meat, but will still sell thermometers

Japan's biggest e-commerce website, Rakuten, ordered all of its merchants to stop selling whale meat on the website. No news yet on what will happen to the other exotic products…

Pole dancing goths, Day-Glo Dominatrix, and gay pride–a crazy night at Tokyo Decadance

Tokyo Decadance Bar is one of the favorite hangouts of Tokyo’s alternative, Goth and Cyber club kids. Here are photos from two trips to "Decabar." Don't miss the infamous Preta…