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A Few Words On ‘Why’ I Married My Japanese Husband (Just in case you wanted to know…)

by Cailin Hill Araki

I was having dinner with my Japanese husband and a drunk group of Japanese women starts a conversation with me (us)— commenting on how rare it is for a white women to be with a Japanese man.

They kept asking why I choose to be with him, when he is sitting right in front of me, and also speaks English.

In retrospect, I’d like to say to those Japanese women what was really on my mind.

I’m always happy to engage people in English conversation in Japan–hey, I was an English conversation instructor and sometimes still enjoy teaching some of my favorite students! I also take into consideration that my Japanese is bad, and that there is no offense meant on your part when you are asking these questions.

You are just curious. But this is not a polite question to ask a stranger when their partner is dining with them.

I am with my husband because I love him. This is not ‘rare’. That is all. Race has nothing to do with it. Thank you.

Cailin Hill is an ex-model, photographer, social media manager in Japan for OVE magazine. She is happily married to Dai Araki. 




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3 thoughts on “A Few Words On ‘Why’ I Married My Japanese Husband (Just in case you wanted to know…)”
  1. thanks for stating the ultraobvious: japanese folks are on average miles behind in cultural sensitivity. And they dont really say what’s on their mind easily. Wow.

  2. Sorry but you just don’t “love” there was some reason why you choose him. That’s like me saying I love cars…. But WHY!!! Is the question maybe because of speed or style or brand. Really think about it next time why they ask there is always a reason “love” isn’t a solid response miss hill

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