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"You would be cute, IF you had a tiny face." Japanese facial corset promises cuteness in just 3 minutes!


Feb 20, 2012
Our PDP tester and model, seems skeptical that the facial corset can actually give her the tiny face that allegedly all Japanese women desire.

“I want a tiny face!”—This is apparently the clarion call and desire of every Japanese woman, and now thanks to The Absolute Tiny Face Corset Kit (1日3分巻くだけ!絶対小顔コルセット―整形レベルのW巻き)and instructional book, issued by Japanese publisher, Shufu No Tomo (主婦の友)–it may now be possible for every woman in the world to at last enjoy true cuteness.

All it takes is three minutes of horrible pain a day.

Cara Steenstra after two minutes and four seconds of using the Absolute Tiny Face Kit. No pain, no gain– or rather no loss of face. In the good sense of losing face, as in to have a smaller face (小顔)

The kit promises that simply by wrapping your face tightly in two lovely pink fluffy facial corsets (Velcro included!) for a mere three minutes a day, that any woman can achieve the ultimate small face.

The Absolute Tiny Face Kit was first released in July of 2011, and has gone on to be such a hit, that as of the time this article was being written, Amazon Japan only had five in stock. (And now only four because we bought one to give away to a lucky reader.) In Japanese there is a saying, Kao ga Hiroi (顔が広い)which means to “to have a wide face” aka “to be well-known, to be very recognized.” While on a social level, a “wide-face” may be desirable on an aesthetic level, clearly, this is unwelcome in Japanese society, especially for a woman.

According to the maker: “I want to have a tiny face!”—This has been the wish of all girls for eternity. At last now, there is a tiny face instruction booklet, including two dreamy face shrinking items, that can make that wish come true. It only takes three minutes a day to give you a salon quality face-lift and if you combine wearing the facial corset with a massage—why, you might have a Japanese pop idol grade small face. It will diminish your double chin, facial puffiness, wrinkles and best of all—when your face gets smaller—it’ll look like your whole body is thinner.

It sounds almost too good to be true.

In order to test it out, we enlisted one woman to test out this amazing product:  our PDP (Possibly Dangerous Products) tester and model, Cara Streenstra (JSRC Hong Kong Office). We were amazed at this amazing product.

We think you’ll be amazed as well.

We have one Absolute Tiny Face Kit to give away to the person who can write the most touching letter on why they need a smaller face. Please send in your comments or emails and we’ll announce the winner and the letter at a later date.

Disclaimer: Photos may not reflect efficacy for all people; results may vary according to camera settings and lack of seriousness in article tone. Please use the Absolute Tiny Face Kit at your own discretion. JSRC is not responsible for any cranial damage, crushed ears, or loss of self-respect. No bribes were taken (yet) in writing this article from Shufu No Tomo. This article does not condone or endorse tiny faces as ideals of feminine beauty and apologies to any non-cute big-faced women or men who are not lucky enough to have tiny cute faces.

Cara before using Absolute Tiny Face Kit.
It is important to gently massage the face while wearing the facial corset for best results.
If not properly attached, you may experience some discomfort.

















However, at the end of the day, The Absolute Tiny Face Kit is worth every ichi-yen coin. “My face has never felt smaller nor have I ever felt more beautiful,” says Cara, if she had actually said that.

















They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if you ask us, a smaller face is certainly worth one thousand and five hundred yen coins–that’s a greater value than words for pictures. People may say that Japan’s era as a leader of technology and the world economy, nay even pop-culture, are over. Products like the Absolute Tiny Face Kit may not sway those naysayers but it does show that no one beats Japan when it comes to “saving face.”

I was pleased with the results. If only they would make an Absolute Tiny Nose Kit, I could be accepted in Japanese society and not referred to as “that Tengu (天狗) looking guy.”











15 thoughts on “"You would be cute, IF you had a tiny face." Japanese facial corset promises cuteness in just 3 minutes!”
  1. I had no idea the Japanese ideal beauty includes “tiny face”. Crazy. When I visited Hong Kong I saw lots of posters for cosmetic surgery. The idea was that doctors could reconstruct the women’s faces to create Caucasoid eyes.

    It seems like a particularly dangerous procedure for such a minor reward.

  2. A friend told me that a girl’s cuteness can also be measured by how many times the length of her face fits into her body. She then demonstrated, just like you’d measure a horse with your hands. I think 7 1/2 faces or more is considered desirable.

  3. […] “You would be cute, IF you had a tiny face.” Japanese facial corset promises cuteness in just 3 …: Every culture has its own weird standards of beauty, but only Japan has the kitsch technology to make tools like the “facial corset.” Does the facial corset actually make your face smaller and more attractive? Probably not, but if you’ve ever wanted to look really angry for three minutes a day, then this product is for you. [via Japan Subculture Research Center] From carnivores to herbivores: how men are defined in Japan: One of the most prevalent ideas in recent Japanese history has been that of herbivore men – Japanese men who are too meek to get a girlfriend, a wife, or a promotion. Japan Today explores a whole spectrum of men including “rolled cabage men,” “science men,” and “cooking men.” The article reads more like a wildlife guide [via Reddit] […]

  4. I had a couple of mid-molars removed, and I’ve gone from my former stolid eastern European face to a long, narrow face that goes on for miles! A couple more molars and my face will be positively sunken (and according to my dentist, literally concave). Move over face corset!!!

  5. someone made a killing selling these to Loft. fun place to shop if you can manage not to laugh out loud. yes, i am a gaijin who would never, ever pass, even on a keitai in Kyoto during Gion Matsuri.

  6. Wow! I’m speechless! Would never have thought such a device woild existed. I too had no idea a tiny face was a desirable trait. What about head size? Can one possess a large head with a small face? Or a large face on a small head?!?

    1. It’s a Japanese thing Sam. Be glad your Mom is Chinese. I think traditionally, China was only crazy about small feet. 😀

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