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Wearable Technology Tells How Your Pets Feel

By Julianne Chiaet

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but how does your pet really feel about you?

Japanese company Anicall developed a wearable device that they claim can tell how dogs and cats feel. The device, worn around the pet’s neck, can measure the pet’s heart rate and temperature.

The device communicates via Bluetooth to one’s smartphone. The gathered information is communicated through an application.

“The sensor hidden in the animal’s collar allows us to translate behaviors into emotions that are displayed on the screen,” Anicall researcher Masatoshi Asai said. The company claims the smartphone application can decipher your dog’s emotions by analyzing inflammation and evaluating the measurements of your pets mouth and ears in photographs. 

The device was revealed at the inaugural Wearable Technology Expo in Tokyo. It is due to hit markets in April, but the English language name and price have not yet been finalized.

Sources: Japan Real Time (WSJ), AFP / Powered by NewsLook.com via Science Daily

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