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  • The Ides Of October: Japan’s nuclear reprocessing “dream” is the world’s nightmare

The Ides Of October: Japan’s nuclear reprocessing “dream” is the world’s nightmare

The IAEA considers 8kg is enough to make a nuclear weapon. In other words, if the 1% not accounted for (at Rokkasho Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant) was actually stolen,…

And justice after all? Prosecutor Review Board Say “Charge TEPCO Execs with criminal negligence”

However, if the Tokyo Prosecutorial Board again rules that prosecution of the TEPCO executives is warranted then a team of lawyers will be chosen to play the role of the…

TEPCO makes $4.3 Billion in 2013 despite meltdown. Crime doesn’t pay, criminal negligence does

TEPCO posted a profit for the first time since the nuclear meltdown. The amount is less than the ¥47 billion the government gave to the company last September.

“Strong In The Rain” shines among books on Japan’s 3/11

The message of "Strong In The Rain" in its tale of foreign and Japanese heroes and villains--and there are both, remains with the reader long after the book is done.…

The Best Articles About Japan 2012 (on our blog) :D

Hello Kitty, yakuza working in the nuclear industry, coffee and cigarettes, 2012 was a year chock full of news. Here are some of our favorite stories we ran in 2012.

How The CIA Helped The Yakuza & The LDP Get Power & Promote Nuclear Power

Chapter 12: "We Ran It In A Different Way" is a must for anyone interested in the shadow history of Japan. It details how in post-war Japan, the CIA, using…