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The Realities and “Legal Slavery” of Japan’s Porn Industry


On Modern Slavery: Thoughts on Human Trafficking

[Not only do I find it personally abhorrent, but intellectually, it] is a terrible exploit of labor that robs women, men and children of their freedom and dignity. In fact,…

Combatting human trafficking: 1st Winner of Michiel Brandt Memorial Prize Announced

The award is given in honor of the late Michiel Brandt, a former MIIS student from Japan who died of leukemia while preparing for a career in combatting human trafficking,…

Police Say More Japanese Women Becoming Human Trafficking Victims

The National Police Agency announced recently that there were total of 44 human trafficking cases confirmed by police across Japan in 2012, and a dramatic uptick in the number of domestic…

Graduations and Goodbyes.

Over the three years that I knew her, not once did I hear her complain about her own issues. Instead, she helped others with compassion and love. The numerous posts…

Sexnomics: Japan’s 100 Billion Dollar Sex Industry And The Pink Zone

If you are an anthropologist, an economic researcher, or simply interested in the seedy side of the sun, than this book is a treasure trove of strange and useful information.…

Silence Broken: The Plight Of The Comfort Women

Former Comfort Women Await Justice  Adair K. Fincher, September 25, 2008  (This is a well-researched article about the women who were forced to work as sexual slaves by the Japanese Army…