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Month: July 2012

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  • Japanese Government Literally Surrounded By Anti-Nuclear Protestors

Japanese Government Literally Surrounded By Anti-Nuclear Protestors

Over 20,000 people marched on Japan’s parliament today, July 29th (Sunday/Japan time) to demand a ban on nuclear power. The demonstration concluded with a candle-lit human chain surrounding the Diet…

New Anti-Yakuza Laws Pass; Instant Arrests Now Possible (Fast As Ramen?)

On July 26th 2012, the National Diet approved the revisions of the Organized Crime Group Countermeasures Law (改正暴力団対策法). Under the new laws, the police can specially designate organized crime groups…

Sexnomics: Japan’s 100 Billion Dollar Sex Industry And The Pink Zone

If you are an anthropologist, an economic researcher, or simply interested in the seedy side of the sun, than this book is a treasure trove of strange and useful information.…

Police woman sexually harassed by “transvestite” cop and co-workers. Kanagawa PD uphold lousy rep.

Japanese media and other sources reported on July 27th, that the Kanagawa Police Department will discipline four police officers in their thirties for sexually harassing a junior female police officer.…

Japan’s “Nuclear Mafia” Pursuing Lawsuit to Muzzle Investigative Journalist

Tokyo – July 10th, 2012 Japan’s so-called “nuclear mafia”, the consortium of industry, bureaucracy, politicians and anti-social forces  appears to have put out a “hit” on free-lance journalist, Minoru Tanaka.…

Crime and Punishment in Japan

“Individually, the Japanese detectives are charming, dedicated, hard working, sincere and very decent, however as an institution, the Japanese police are arrogant and frequently incompetent,” Mr. Parry asserts.