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Gold mine 'Lolita clubs' busted in Shibuya, Toyoshima


Dec 10, 2010

Police have cracked down on three “Lolita” clubs in Tokyo, arresting nine members of staff under violation of anti-prostitution laws. The “delivery health”-style clubs in Shibuya and Toyoshima wards featured women between the ages of 20 and 29 dressed as underage school girls, complete with ID cards, and had somewhere around 8,000 registered customers. According to reports, the manager of the businesses advertised “little girls” to attract customers, with some customers paying up to ¥200,000 for 90 minutes. Police say he made an estimated ¥1 billion from the operation over four years.

The girls were all of legal age according to police sources. However, since they had actual intercourse with the customers rather than sexual activities outside of intercourse, the club operations were illegal. Any sexual activity outside of intercourse can be offered in Japan for a price and is legal to purchase as long as the seller and user are of legal age. Zoning restrictions make operating sex clubs and delivery health (escort) services illegal in some areas. Delivery health can include: hand-jobs, fellatio, frottage, sexual massage, analingus, anal sex, and every other possible sexual act except vaginal penetration. However, sexual massage is the most commonly offered service, culminating in a hand-job or fellatio.

Read the original story here and see a video of the report here.

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