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Failed pick-up line: "I'm a yakuza boss"


Jan 20, 2010

Sankei News reported that a 34-year-old man was charged with rape after a rather dodgy incident where he told a woman that he was a yakuza member and forced her to have sex with him last December.

Naoki Kambara, a part-time worker at a shipping company, threatened a young woman on a street in Tokyo’s Kokubunji City on Dec. 17, telling her that he was the “number two” of a yakuza group. He forced her into a public toilet where he performed obscene acts on her before bringing her to a nearby hotel and raping her.

According to police, Kambara got her mobile email address, sending her a text on Dec. 23 saying he’d “like to meet again.” Police set a time and a place for the two to meet again, arresting him when he showed up on Dec. 27.

What did they arrest Kambara on? Suspicion of a similar crime committed in November, where he reportedly used similar means to rape a girl in her teens. Brilliant! He admitted to both charges.

Read the original story here. (Japanese only)

5 thoughts on “Failed pick-up line: "I'm a yakuza boss"”
  1. Wow, some dangerous, thrilling good work. You are my role model. I am a teenager and i aspire too become a police beat reporter. Ive read anything on the internet about your work and you wonderful book. You, are awesome!

  2. I hope this guy gets what should be coming to him and the victims are able to recover and move on with their lives. What’s the usual penalty for a crime like this? What would happen to him if the Yakuza took care of him for impersonating one of their own? Monetary settlement? Please follow up with his sentencing.

  3. You should go back to the USA! This is not your business!~
    Go worry about how bad your own terrible country is before you come here and act all high and mighty- looking down on the weak Japanese.

    1. 住めば都。This is my country. I’m a permanent resident. I like Japan. I’d like it to be a good place for everyone to live–Japanese and non-Japanese.
      I don’t recall calling America paradise on earth. I don’t think the Japanese are weak at all. If you want to live in the United States and point out what’s wrong with the country–then I think you should.
      If you’re a citizen, you have every right to do that! Good luck!

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