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  • Cops To Close Curtains on Yakuza Hollywood: The Timeline

Cops To Close Curtains on Yakuza Hollywood: The Timeline

1957: The 3rd Generation Yamaguchi Leader, Kazuo Taoka, sets up and registers Kobe Geinosha (Kobe Performing Arts Promotion) under his own name. (The Yamaguchi-gumi is currently Japan’s larges organized crime…

20msv/yr: What Does The Rest Of The World Think?

July 19th, 2011 Fukushima City “It is correct, is it not, that Fukushima citizens have the same and equal right as other Japanese citizens to spend their life without receiving…

Protesters Come Out in Record Numbers Against Nuclear Power

prior to the event, estimates were around 50,000; approximately 60,000 participated

North Korea Turns 63, Party Guests Seem Kinda Angry

demonstrators come out to protest the oppressive North Korean regime

The Hollywood Reporter: Japan's Entertainment World And The Yakuza

Even Hollywood is taking in interest in Japan's entertainment industry links to the mob. Meanwhile, police are now asking for an explanation of the underworld ties from Shimada’s powerful agency,…

Yakuza Friendly Hotels–on the way out. Goodbye Nine-Fingered Discount!

As a part of broader initiatives to expel organized crime from business, new “yakuza exclusion” provisions by the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) go into effect today. The JTA maintains a…

Shimada Shinsuke, the Jay Leno of Japan retires after yakuza ties exposed.

Police sources say, " In our eyes, we have more respect for Hashimoto (the yakuza boss) than Shimada. At least Hashimoto doesn’t beat up women.”

Japanese TV Star Shimada Shinsuke retires before yakuza ties exposed

Popular comedian Shimada Shinsuke had extensive dealings with an organized crime boss and retired hastily before the details were written up in a weekly magazine.

The New Sex-Ed: Yakuza Awareness Classes

“Unprotected contact with organized crime can be bad for your life. Just say no.”

Taro Kono: A new leader for a new LDP?

Can the party that created Japan's nuclear industry also clean it up?