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  • Has Japan's largest newspaper, the Yomiuri, been co-opted into a personal weapon of the Chairman?

Has Japan's largest newspaper, the Yomiuri, been co-opted into a personal weapon of the Chairman?

Is Chairman Watanabe, "the Rupert Murdoch of Japan", willing to use the Yomiuri Newspaper as a tool in his personal vendettas?

OLYMPUS: a closer look with an excerpt from THE GUARDIAN

In April this year, Michael Woodford became president of Olympus, a Japanese optical and medical equipment maker with a God-like reputation to match its name – until recently. Last July,…

Tadamasa Goto, ex-crime boss, Buddhist priest, about to learn more about karma (因果応報)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD) is tightening up their investigation of former mob boss Tadamasa Goto, alleged Buddhist priest and best-selling author,  on charges of two murders. Last week…

OLYMPUS: Bringing It Into Focus–A Special Breach Of Trust? UPDATE

In the last week, the New York Times, the Financial Times(article in Japanese)  and Reuters have reported heavily on suspicious transactions at Olympus Corporation, one of Japan’s oldest and most distinguished…

TEPCO Ties To The Yakuza: Gone? Police Sources Still Skeptical.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the monolithic corporation that controls all electric power in Greater Tokyo, and was responsible for a triple meltdown at their nuclear power plant in Fukushima…

Occupy Tokyo: Another Good Excuse to Come Out and Hate on TEPCO

Saturday, October 15th, Occupy Wall Street went global. Around 300 people around Tokyo came out to march in 2 separate locations. Japan Subculture went to check out what was happening…

The Yakuza Code Of Ethics: Compliance In the Underworld

The yakuza, Japan’s organized crime groups, have close to 79,000 members. It’s very hard to understand why they are tolerated in Japanese society and not simply banned. Part of the…

"No one is safe from the new yakuza." ABC's stellar documentary.

Child pornography, along with prostitution and drugs, allows the Yakuza - Japans 80 000 strong mafia - to rake in 50 billion dollars a year.

Japan's First Food Bank: Applying Japanese Efficiency to the Problem of Hunger

the non-profit organization that pioneered a whole new field in Japan

October 1st: Nationwide in Japan Anti-Yakuza Laws Go Into Effect: "Do Tell, We Won't Ask."

The new laws criminalize profit-sharing with the yakuza or paying them off. Both the yakuza and those who use them face severe punishment for illegal activity. The autumn of the…