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  • The New Sex-Ed: Yakuza Awareness Classes

The New Sex-Ed: Yakuza Awareness Classes

“Unprotected contact with organized crime can be bad for your life. Just say no.”

Taro Kono: A new leader for a new LDP?

Can the party that created Japan's nuclear industry also clean it up?

Going through the motions in The Great Happiness Space

Director Jake Clennell gives the deets on what exactly the film was about

The US Declares War On The Yakuza

President Obama cancels his yakuza fanzine subscription

Whoot! What? Wut! German Fashion finds a home in Tokyo

Japan Subculture Research Center is going through puberty and heading towards adulthood. After a long discussion with the Japan Subculture Research Center team, we’ve decided to expand the blog to…

Teaching an old dog (breed) new tricks

Japanese police force welcomes first-ever native Japanese police dog

Reimagining Japan: The Quest for a Future that Works

What is the future of Japan? Can the country get back on its feet? It’s a question that the world and the people of Japan are asking themselves. McKinsey &…