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  • Merry and Gay Pocky? Japan discovers LGBT marketing.

Merry and Gay Pocky? Japan discovers LGBT marketing.

We discovered something amazing after we flipped the bottle of tea. On the reverse side, it has picture of the opposite gender-- meaning you can make a boy kiss a…

Kono Makes A Discomforting Statement on The Comfort Women And Japan Diplomacy

The comfort women existed through very wide area through out all of Asia, and this is something which I, myself do acknowledge. We have seen, for example in the case…

Former Prime Minister Murayama Tells Japan’s Leader Abe, “Study Up or Shut Up!”

In that statement that we need to study history and his pointing out that Abe had not read or understood the Potsdam Declaration, Murayama seemed to be saying to his…

Gudetama: The Lazy Egg That Japan Loves

Strange characters are not something new to Japan. Sanrio's anthropomorphic egg, affectionately named "Gudetama" which literally translates to 'Lazy Egg' in English is no exception.

Japan’s Delightful 80-Hour Work Week

If you ever visit Tokyo, you cannot walk down the street or board a train without bumping into a Salaryman. “Salaryman” is the Japanese-English term for male white-collar workers. The…