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Month: June 2015

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  • Japan’s Communist Party Wishes PM Abe Knew Shame or at least the Potsdam Declaration

Japan’s Communist Party Wishes PM Abe Knew Shame or at least the Potsdam Declaration

On Tuesday, the speaker was Japan Communist Party chairman Kazuo Shii, who in many ways expressed more pacifist sentiments than Natsuo Yamaguchi did for the New Komeito.

The Matcha Better F*ck: A Japonesque Cocktail For The Ages

But then I had an idea. Why not substitute Suntory's delicious (sort) green tea liqueur Japone for the Midori? So we tried it. The slightly bittersweet Matcha (抹茶/thick green tea)…

Pole Dance Tokyo: A Sophisticated Sexiness

Pole dancing is quickly developing a more professional and respected aura around it as a dance form

Gudetama: The Lazy Egg That Japan Loves

Strange characters are not something new to Japan. Sanrio's anthropomorphic egg, affectionately named "Gudetama" which literally translates to 'Lazy Egg' in English is no exception.

Android Festival Takes Over Roppongi Hills–Ends June 20th.

From June 16-20, the Android Company is holding a festival they’re calling “Matsuri with Android” at O-Yane Plaza in Roppongi Hills.

Anime Jazz: A Japanese Genre that Really Swings

Jazz and anime go together well in Japan---like mayo on Takoyaki. In both “Bebop” and “Kids on the Slope” there’s a visualization of the coolness of jazz that is rarely…

Renowned Diver Visits Japan to Remember Lost Turkish Ship and Swim with the Whales

From countless tsunami-related disasters to lopsided naval losses, the Ocean has been the setting for many of Japan’s darkest moments. It’s even been unkind to those who visit it with…

The Deadly Chokehold of the Japanese Family

The Japanese family is in trouble. But then again, that’s nothing new. Traditionally speaking, family ties are the most sacred of Japanese relationships. But I’m not so sure, it seems…

Lessons in Japanese Restroom Etiquette For US-Euro-Trash: No crotch-kicking, glass splitting, upchucking or f*cking

The first thing you’d notice upon entering the gaudy three-story Gas Panic complex in Roppongi was the commandment: “Everyone Must Be Drinking to Remain In Gaspanic.” The rule was strictly…