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The 8th International Conference on Asian Organized Crime and Terrorism


Apr 19, 2011

The FBI, the DEA, and the The International Organization of Asian Crime Investigators and Specialists (IOASIS) were kind enough to invite me to speak at their 8th conference, in Las Vegas, and allow me to attend the lectures with other law enforcement officers. I will be spending most of this week learning about areas of asian organized crime that I know nothing about in hopes of expanding my knowledge a little bit beyond the yakuza. (Not that I claim to be a living dictionary on the yakuza either. When I have all 78,000 member names and face memorized, than I’ll feel like I know a lot.)

This week posting may be a little sparse but bear with us. We have some good articles planned for next week, including an interview with the director of the Great Happiness Space. I’m off to a lecture on Asian Organized Crime and Casinos. Hopefully, I’ll hear some valuable tips to improve my blackjack game. (Not. I don’t gamble. Not for money, anyway. Luck is better spent on other things.)

–Jake, writing from Sin City, USA.

2 thoughts on “The 8th International Conference on Asian Organized Crime and Terrorism”
  1. Interesting, let us know some nice (maybe not a right word for the subject) things you’ll learn there!

    Btw, if you could make an article or provide some other info about the role of Chinese, Korean and other foreign crime groups in Japan, that would be very interesting.

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