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Japan’s Death Wish Resurges Like A Plague

Suicides in Japan are like wildfires in California: tragic, inevitable and seemingly unsolvable. According to the National Police Agency, 1805 people killed themselves in September and suicides amongst women were…

The Anger You Feel Towards A You Tuber Won’t Stop Another Suicide in Japan. What could?

" Logan Paul is an idiot, but imagine if all the internet's anger towards him was re-directed to the Japanese government to hold them accountable for a culture of suicide…

The Year of Dokufu: Poisonous Women in Japan

by Kaori Shoji       Wow. What a year THAT was, on a whole lot of levels. The unofficial diagnosis is that things will get worse in the year…

Yakuza Comix 3: The complicated world of Japanese suicide, which is sometimes homicide

Japan has a fascination with death and suicide. But sometimes suicide here isn't simply motivated by "honor" nor is it actually suicide.

“Saving 10,000:Winning A War On Suicide” Screened at the National Diet, Publicly Released

“A complete sense of desperation about the apparent hopelessness of the suicide situation pushed me to buy a movie camera and ask a 22 year old former student of mine…

Killing Yourself To Make A Living: In Japan Financial Incentives Reward “Suicide”

In post-war Japan, people would sign a life insurance contract. And go straight out, and kill themselves under the nearest train. Eventually, the life insurance companies started putting in one-year…

Suicides Using Toxic Fumes Soar in Japan

More than 870 people have killed themselves in Japan by inhaling toxic fumes from household chemicals this year, 30 times more than the total for all of last year, the…