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Month: December 2014

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  • The Year of Dokufu: Poisonous Women in Japan

The Year of Dokufu: Poisonous Women in Japan

by Kaori Shoji       Wow. What a year THAT was, on a whole lot of levels. The unofficial diagnosis is that things will get worse in the year…

Freedom: A Small Tokyo Bar Where Someone Knows Your Name

The tiny neighborhood bars and watering holes distributed throughout Tokyo are probably as numerous as the stars on a clear night in the Himalayas. Perversely, they’re often the kinds of…

Merry X-Mas Eve Panic

A Japanese Christmas tale of young love, confusion, and happy resolution.

Japan’s Dangerous Tilt to The Right: a report from Hamburg, Germany

Professor Nakano points it out: it is not like Japanese society is outspoken and the government is following, it is exactly the opposite. It is an “elite-driven and not society-driven”…

Book Review: “Why the Japanese Are Beautiful” (日本人はなぜ美しいのか) by Kaori Shoji

Still, Masuno's book is hugely inspiring, if only because it makes us realize the seeds of beauty are within. All we have to do is become aware of it, and…

The First Victim of War is The Truth: Japan’s Journalists Protest The Secrets Law

All journalists know the saying, “The first victim of war is the truth.” The Manchurian Incident began with a Japanese Army plot. The Japanese people were only told the truth…

The most obscene thing in Japan isn’t a 3D vagina model

The most obscene thing in #Japan isn't a 3D model of a vagina. It's something more insidious. http://t.co/L691cGnFJd — Jake Adelstein/中本哲史 (@jakeadelstein) December 7, 2014