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Pole Dance Tokyo: A Sophisticated Sexiness

Pole dancing is quickly developing a more professional and respected aura around it as a dance form

Harro Halloween Party 2014: Where to go in Tok-ee-oh (Tokyo)

Halloween is one of the biggest party events in Japan and some have estimated that Japanese people spend more on the festivities than those in America. And why not? This…

Prince Genji’s Pole Dances & Romances: Japanese Literature Sways to LIfe

Thus the stage is set for a mystical Nutcracker meets Noh plus comedy, improvisational dance, strip-tease, burlesque and the finest aerial arts and acrobatics. Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji…

“You can’t lose at Muse” no longer true. Iconic Roppongi club lost in war on dance

Roppongi's iconic dance club, Muse, became the latest victim of the crackdown on illegal dancing when police announced on Sunday morning that it had raided the club and arrested manager…