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Month: October 2014

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  • Harro Halloween Party 2014: Where to go in Tok-ee-oh (Tokyo)

Harro Halloween Party 2014: Where to go in Tok-ee-oh (Tokyo)

Halloween is one of the biggest party events in Japan and some have estimated that Japanese people spend more on the festivities than those in America. And why not? This…

Has a Russian sexual predator been on the loose in Hokkaido?

In perhaps the most chilling of his comments, Lennikov describes systematically raping a woman after inviting her to spend a vacation in Japan. Lennikov writes: "Back in Russia, when I…

Saying Goodbye To Japan

I count this as one of my teaching successes. One of my Japanese students is a budding illustrator, and one of her characters is Gachico. Last year when she started…

Shukan Bunshun to release audio of Yamatani interview

Eriko Yamatani is a liar--and Shukan Bunshun has the audio to prove it.