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  • Japan’s Toxic Olympics: 10,000 Deaths and more to come

Japan’s Toxic Olympics: 10,000 Deaths and more to come

There is a Japanese saying, (悪因悪果) that “from bad beginnings come bad endings”. Holding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the midst of a pandemic will not end well. The Tokyo…

Japan’s Death Wish Resurges Like A Plague

Suicides in Japan are like wildfires in California: tragic, inevitable and seemingly unsolvable. According to the National Police Agency, 1805 people killed themselves in September and suicides amongst women were…

Japanese study finds positive correlation between BCG vaccine and slowing down Coronavirus

Just published our preprint, “Association of BCG vaccination policy with prevalence and mortality of COVID-19”. We critically evaluated the hypothesis that BCG vaccination has protective effect against #COVID19, and our…

In Japan, there’s no visible coronavirus epidemic because the government won’t test you for it?

At that point I realized it’s impossible to get a test. I didn’t want to risk going outside and accidentally infecting someone.  Unfortunately, the part which is most frustrating for…