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Read Page 99 of TOKYO VICE and know all!


Oct 18, 2009

The Page 99 Test is a blog that gives readers a peek at the 99th page of a book because it apparently holds the secret to some unlimited wealth of knowledge. While we think the 82nd page or the 174th page would have been just as good, the 99th page is a fun little taste of the Tokyo Vice world.

Jake Adelstein’s “Tokyo Vice” at The Page 99 Test

One thought on “Read Page 99 of TOKYO VICE and know all!”
  1. Um, this doesn’t work for the Kindle edition on my iPhone…

    By the way, thanks to Amazon offering the book in digital format I was able to purchase and read it “click to cover” much sooner than the print edition, mostly on the train and late at night in bed.

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