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Ex-yakuza celeb management office top arrested for attempted fraud


Jul 28, 2010

The PR manager of a well-known celeb management office was arrested and a warrant put out for the company representative on July 26 on charges of attempted fraud in connection with a falsified lawsuit for damages against the ex-chairman of major Osaka-based moving company Art Corporation.

Shunichi Matsuo, 47, public relations manager of JAC Consultant management office, and ex-Yamaguchi-gumi affiliated Nakano-kai member turned company rep Kazuo Kono, 58, had told Art chairman Kazuo Terada, 64, that an affair between Terada and two young celebs managed by JAC had caused the women to become too emotionally distressed to work. They told Terada that a lawsuit for damages totaling over 1.9 billion yen was filed with the Tokyo District Court on March 30, but police ruled the lawsuit to be false after fees involved were determined to be far above normal. Matsuo denies the accusation, saying that they had tried to work things out but couldn’t, so they filed for damages.

According to sources, JAC’s Kono also runs a number of similar companies, including one that manages two members of the rock band X Japan.

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