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Drugs discovered inside snack packages at Inagawa-kai member's condo


Jul 27, 2010

A member of the Inagawa-kai was arrested for possession of stimulants and cannabis after being discovered carrying 19.5 grams of stimulants and 29 grams of marijuana on his person July 7. A search of the man’s Fujisawa condo revealed 60 grams of stimulants (estimated to be worth 5.4 million yen), 775 grams of dried cannabis (estimated to be worth 4.7 million yen), and 1,500 syringes. Some of the stimulants in the condo were discovered in canistesr of potato chips that had been given false bottoms.

The 36-year-old gang member gave a vague testimony that he had purchased the drugs from an associate, and investigators are currently trying to discover details as to where they were sourced from. Police believe the suspect had been selling drugs out of the apartment and in a nearby restaurant parking lot since March.

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