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Evacuees forced to pay rent at Miyagi yakuza home


May 21, 2011

Straight out of a suspense film: A yakuza couple have been arrested for abuse after they coerced a pair of tsunami evacuees to stay at their home, demanded rent and wouldn’t let them leave. The details are sketchy but according to reports, Daiju Omura, believed to be a high-ranking member of a group related to the Yamaguchi-gumi, and his ex-wife visited a Miyagi evacuation center at the end of March and persuaded a husband and wife to stay at their home in Natori City. The couple, having evacuated from Sendai, agreed to go, but once they arrived the Omuras threatened them with violence unless they agreed to pay rent and living expenses. Police say the wife payed them 50,000 yen, but Omura demanded more. When the husband attempted to leave, the yakuza pair proceeded to beat his wife, leaving her with minor injuries on the face.

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