One Piece voice actor arrested for obscene photos

Voice actor for the popular anime One Piece, Norio Imamura, was arrested July 12 for displaying photos of the lower half of his body on his blog. According to police, Imamura had spent between four and five million yen on tattoos over the past decade, and posted four photos of them that have been deemed obscene on his blog between April 26 and June 17. The actor reportedly testified, “They’re almost finished and I wanted to show them off to everyone.”

Along with voicing the character Emporio Ivankov on One Piece, Imamura is also active as a stage actor and runs a bar for tattoo enthusiasts in Shinjuku Ni-chome named “Bar Toh.”

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One thought on “One Piece voice actor arrested for obscene photos”

  1. Exposing oneself is definitely a serious crime. It’s unfortunate to hear of the news and see he was arrested. I hope things are cleared up and he thinks twice about doing it in the future.

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