On Modern Slavery: Thoughts on Human Trafficking


[Not only do I find it personally abhorrent, but intellectually, it] is a terrible exploit of labor that robs women, men and children of their freedom and dignity. In fact, human trafficking is too polite of a term. “Modern slavery” is a more apt expression. Perhaps if portrayed by this term, more people would share my vehemence to combat it.

“My pussy (まんこ) is not indecent!” Japanese artist fights sexist obscenity laws

The artist Rokudenashiko holds up the comic book she wrote explaining why she makes art about female genitalia & her own vagina. (After being released from custody for obscenity charges)

Rokudenashiko is a slightly eccentric artist—this is certainly true. She has written an entire comic book about her obsession with her genitalia with wild surrealistic drawings. In the book, she even explains why she had cosmetic surgery on her womanhood to make it more attractive. Ms. Igarashi, at the press conference, was generally in good spirits, laughing and chatting with the press but when asked how far she was willing to fight, she said with resolve, “I’ll take the case all the way to the Supreme Court. I refuse to accept that part of me is obscene just because certain people looking at it choose to see it that way.”

What we talk about when we talk about love & sex in Japan

The Japanese language is rich in terms for love and sex--which are definitely not the same thing here.

*浮気 (Uwaki) –1) to describe someone who can romantically love many people 2) infidelity; an affair 3) being in love with in someone other than your partner 4) (old usage) cheerful and gorgeous

“Nothing says love like menstrual blood.” In Japan, V-Day chocolates are really special

Love, blood, chocolate and a love hotel is all you need. Happy Valentine's Day in Japan!

Well, some women in Japan, and probably a very small number of them, in order to spice up their home-made chocolates with a little extra something, or give their store bought chocolates something really special–are reportedly (self-reportedly) putting a little of their own blood and sweat into the cooking of gooey sweets

High-Heel Thief Now Cooling His Heels In Lock-Up; Ginza Hostesses Breathe Easy

These high heels were made for stealin'

High-Heel Thief Now Cooling His Heels In Lock-Up; Ginza Hostesses Breathe Easy. Tokyo’s best gumshoes catch high-heel stealing thief.

Top 10 “Trendy” Words To Understand 30 Years Of Modern Japan

Life is a cabaret, old chum. In Japan, the most popular trendy word to understand three decades of change remains the ubiquitous  "Cabaret Club" . Ladies, pour those drinks. Gentlemen, get drunk. It's how it works in the "unequal society" (格差社会)

① Cabaret Club/キャバクラ (1985)

② It’s best to have a healthy husband, who is rarely home/亭主元気で留守がいい (1986)

③Sexual Harassment/セクシュアル・ハラスメント 同義語 セクハラ (1988)

④Old guy girl/オヤジギャル (1990)

The Japanese Sex Industry: Finding a job that’s right for you (REPOSTING)


Originally posted as Fuzoku Friday: Finding a Job That’s Right For You on November 20th, 2009 Last week we talked about magazines and websites for fuzoku job hunters, but for those looking to dive into the industry and start their career in high-paying part-time work (高収入アルバイト), the variety of work available must be daunting. How is [...]

Prostitution versus “Prostitution” in Japan (REPOSTING)

originally posted on December 18th, 2009 The Japanese law draws the line between legal and illegal sexual services by whether or not the ball makes it into the goal, so to speak. And while some businesses, namely soaplands, manage to work their way around these rules, law enforcement chooses to “focus their efforts” on places [...]

The Polaris Project Japan Responds to Mayor Hashimoto: “You’re clueless”

Mayor Toru Hashimoto got a handful of applause at his May 27th apology press conference but not a hand job--which he would tell you was legal and a good thing to get.

We here at Polaris Project Japan believe that the mistaken belief of the sex industry being either a victimless crime or that those involved have entered by choice (a misconception Mayor Hashimoto’s comments do well to illustrate) lie at the root of the difficulty in Japan abolishing human trafficking. Japan’s lax policy towards this issue is an international embarrassment; in addition, it reflects not only an apathy that allows for sex trade victims to needlessly increase but also a society that in effect condones the sex trade’s human rights violations and the human suffering of its victims.

Police Say More Japanese Women Becoming Human Trafficking Victims

Many human trafficking victims go unseen, unreported and suffer in silence.

The National Police Agency announced recently that there were total of 44 human trafficking cases confirmed by police across Japan in 2012, and a dramatic uptick in the number of domestic trafficking cases. The numbers of victim were 27 in all. However, what was unusual was that among them a total of 11 Japanese women were [...]