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Fukuoka construction contract cancelled after breach of anti-yakuza clause

Fukuoka Prefecture announced they will annul their contract with local company Matsuo Construction on a major dam project after it was revealed a company executive had dealings with an organised crime boss. This will be the first time a deal has been cancelled in Fukuoka since the April 2008 movement to include anti-organised crime clauses in contracts.

According to the prefectural government, 12 companies entered into a competitive bid for the Tanoura anti-erosion dam project in September, with Matsuo winning at ¥42.2 million. At the time the contract was drawn up, the company signed a document saying they had no relations with any organised crime gangs. It was discovered by police in October, however, that the president of the company had recently gone on a golfing trip with a yakuza boss. Upon being told the contract would be annulled, the president simply said that he understood, without further comment.

The dam was scheduled to be completed in March of next year, and at the end of November stood 70 percent done. The government plans to pay Matsuo for their work up to now, minus 10 percent for breach of contract, and will find another company to bring the project to completion.

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Men teamed up to hunt for victim to assault

Two men arrested on charges of attempted rape are believed to have met specifically to harass women and plotted their attack against a 20-year-old university student.

The assailants, age 35 and 37, attacked the woman last October 2009 after sneaking into her home in Yokohama, threatening to kill her if she cried for help. Police believe the pair were looking for a victim, having met with the goal of conspiring to commit sexual assault. The crime came to light after one of the men was arrested in September for a different crime, and hinted at the 2009 incident. Both men admit to the charges, and authorities are investigating the possibility that they have committed a number of other similar crimes together.

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'God Hand' doctor arrested under suspicion of molestation

A renowned doctor who has served as trainer for a number of prominent track and field athletes has been arrested on charges of attempted indecent assault after he reportedly molested a patient while giving medial treatment, it was revealed on Friday. Yutaka Tomatsuri was arrested November 26 for inappropriately touching a younger female patient through her clothes while giving treatment at his “Tomatsuri Orthopedic Clinic” in Chiba back in March.

Tomatsuri in the past cared for athletes at the 1996 Athens Olympics and 1997 World Championships in Athletics, and is known as a trusted name in athletic circles. His orthopedic clinic has been highly successful, with patients flying in from around the country to be treated by what some affectionately call “God Hand”.

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Local man killed after accidental 'run-in' with yakuza

An older Hyogo Prefecture man met his end at the hands of a yakuza early Monday morning, after he was hit by a gang member while riding his bicycle in Amagasaki City. According to police, the accident occurred on a four-lane road in an area with no pedestrian crossing. The 38-year-old driver, a kumi-cho in a Yamaguchi-gumi affiliated gang, was arrested at the scene for accidental infliction of injury with a motor vehicle, and police are looking to slap him with charges of vehicular manslaughter.  The victim was reportedly on his way home at the time of the accident.

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Frisky stylist forces woman to give him a grope

A woman who had gone for a trim at a hair salon in Tochigi prefecture Monday and agreed to a massage ended up with a handful more than she bargained for.

According to reports, the 28-year-old salon assistant who was attending to the customer brought her to a shampoo chair and placed a towel over her face before offering to give a hand massage. After receiving the customer’s hand, the man proceeded to place it on his clothed genitals. The stylist was arrested under charges of aggravated assault, and police say they have received similar complaints in the past.

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ハンドマッサージと偽り自身の股間をマッサージ 強制わいせつ容疑で美容師逮捕

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Injured Sapporo groper identified by teeth marks

Telltale teeth marks from a feisty victim pinned a Sapporo man on charges of indecent assault, despite his denial of the crime during questioning.

The 30-year-old man is suspected of having restrained a 28-year-old woman for the purpose of molesting her, groping her body and leaving minor injuries to her face just after midnight on November 14. According to police, during the struggle the woman was able to bite him on the left hand before he escaped. The man was picked up by police about 50 minutes later, walking just 200 meters from the scene of the crime. Authorities questioned him about the incident and he denied any involvement, but confessed after police pressed him about the teeth marks on his hand, which was covered in blood.

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Dissatisfied customer reports 'Deri-heru' manager to police

Police arrested the manager of a Shinjuku “delivery health” prostitution business Thursday after they received a call from a customer complaining that the services offered were a rip-off.

The 35-year-old customer told police the manager had gotten his attention by saying he could “go all the way”, but when he arrived at the small room rented for the encounter, a woman different than the one agreed upon appeared to perform services. The suspect testified, “I never said anything about ‘going all the way’ “, but police believe the man hired women for the purpose of offering services that extended to intercourse, illegal under Japanese law.

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Yakuza imposters arrested after tip from sumo association

Two men were arrested for impersonating yakuza and threatening staff at the grand sumo tournament held in May at Kokugikan in Ryogoku. The two men, ages 39 and 45 and both from Tochigi prefecture, reportedly threatened a vendor who was attending nearby customers during a match on May 14. The two men demanded souvenir booklets, usually distributed after the match is finished, and got angry when the vendor refused,  telling him they’d call some young thugs and start a fight. Both men admit to the charges.

The information came to light in August when the Japan Sumo Association began sharing information with police due to the decision to prohibit organised crime members from entering the facilities.

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Sticky handed groper finds his way back into the slammer

An Aichi man was arrested under prefectural nuiscance prevention laws when he was caught groping a teenage girl in a parking lot while on his way home from being arrested for groping. The 44-year-old man had been arrested October 14 for molesting an underage woman and released around 3:30pm on October 15. Less than two hours later he was again arrested after attacking a high school girl and being restrained by three passerbys who heard screams and came to the rescue.

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J-League team employee arrested for production of child porn

An employee of the Montedio Yamagata J-League football team was arrested October 14 after it was discovered he requested and received pornographic videos from an underage girl. While it is not a crime in Japan to simply possess child porn, the police decided in this case that the law had been violated—because the employee had requested the videos thus causing them to be made.

The 39-year-old suspect is said to have met the 13-year-old middle school student online in late August and asked her to send topless photos of herself. The girl complied, emailing four videos and two photos to the man’s phone. The girl’s parents found the photos on her mobile and notified the police in September.

According to his employer, the suspect was in charge of selling memorabilia and other goods to fans, and had never been absent from work without reason.

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