Happy New Year Of The Horse 2014 (馬年) Come ride with us!

Happy Year Of The Horse! 
Just get on and let the horse go where it goes.

Japan Subculture Research Center has taken a long sabbatical since December of 2013. We meant to get things off with a bang this January but our editor in chief and assistant editor were both out of commission. So we’re taking the opportunity today to relaunch the website and wish you all a happy Chinese new year. The Chinese new year and once upon a time, the Japanese new year as well, followed the lunar calendar, so today’s new moon (Friday) means we can all say goodbye to the (water) snake year and say hello to the (wooden) horse year!

Prince Genji’s Pole Dances & Romances: Japanese Literature Sways to LIfe

Genji The Other Side 07

Thus the stage is set for a mystical Nutcracker meets Noh plus comedy, improvisational dance, strip-tease, burlesque and the finest aerial arts and acrobatics. Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji 源氏)as you’ve never seen it before.

“What are the criteria of these possible secrets?” “Well…it’s a secret.” Japan’s Kafkaesque Special Secret Protection Bill threatens to destroy freedom of speech


“this bill represents a great threat to journalism.” A person investigating a state secret and revealing it could be prosecuted and jailed to up to 10 years. The criteria for prosecuting an individual are too vague, she added. “If a journalist or a member of an NGO accidentally overhears a state secret, he/she would be prosecuted. At a point where a person accesses what is designated as a state secret, that person will be prosecuted or indicted for holding that secret.” Fukushima explained that if a lawmaker got hold of a state secret and wants to reveal it, he/she could also be prosecuted.

Charity Flea Market for Tohoku November 17 (Tokyo): volunteer, shop, help :D


IMA, a Tokyo-based group that welcomes volunteers of all ages, Japanese and international, will sponsor a Fall flea market, bake sale and full day of workshops on 11/17. IMA welcomes everyone, children and adults to join in the fun and festivities and help IMA raise money for a number of projects to support people of Tohoku whose lives were shattered by the Great earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disasters of 3/11. A full description of the day’s events can be found on this Facebook page. The Flea Market venue is in downtown Okachimachi– 2-26-8 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016




“Japan needs to put data in English”, says International Atomic Energy Agency


IAEA to work with Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority on Fukushima nuclear disaster monitoring  After a meeting held in Tokyo with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, and the Chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), Shunichi Tanaka on Thursday last week,  it was decided that experts from the U.N. [...]

In Fukushima, the kids aren’t all right, says documentary A2-B-C (Sept.14th)

The title comes from the code that is use to express the results of thyroid cancer screening in the medical world. The Japanese government vehemently denies any links to thyroid cancer in Fukushima children and the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March of 2011 and the film lets the viewer decide for themselves

Doglegs disabled pro-wrestling: The fight club that wants you to stare


The members of Doglegs, the self-described “superhandicapped” pro wrestling league, aren’t looking for your pity, however. They want you to watch, wide-eyed, and feel the power, the ability, and the fire hidden inside their unusual frames.

Sayonara Speed Tribes (暴走族サヨナラ) opens April 12. Run & catch it!

Japan’s infamous ‘Speed Tribes’ – kamikaze styled biker gangs- have, for decades, delighted would-be rebels and terrorized the general public. Idolized in the underground, demonized by the mass media and hunted by the police, their numbers continue to dwindle into extinction. As an OB (Old Bro) Hazuki is tasked with passing on a dying tradition, but more importantly he must search out a new road or become extinct himself.