Akihabara Massacre: Preventable Tragedy?

by Katie Preston

edited by Jake Adelstein

On June 8 near Akihabara station, seven people were killed and ten others injured in a random act of violence committed by a troubled young man. The suspect had rented a van, purchased a knife, and driven to Tokyo in order to kill strangers indiscriminately, perhaps to express his unhappiness and desperation.

TMPD at a crime scene from long ago.
TMPD at a crime scene from long ago.

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From The Guardian: Residents go to courts to evict yakuza

By Justin McCurry in Tokyo
From the guardian.co.uk
Tuesday August 26 2008

Residents of a city in western Japan this week became the first to turn to the courts for help in ridding their neighbourhood of organised crime, amid fears that they will become the next victims of a violent power struggle.

Around 600 residents of Kurume, in Fukuoka prefecture, have asked a local court to order members of the Dojinkai yakuza gang to vacate an office building in the middle of a busy shopping district.
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The town that took on the yakuza, from The Independent


Grassroots anti-mafia organization?

It hardly seems possible, but that’s Japan for you.

Read The Independent Article on The Town that Took on the Yakuza from the September 9th online issue.


Japan’s mafia seemed untouchable – until a group of residents risked everything to launch a court fight to drive the gangsters out. By David McNeill in Kurume City

From the Times Online: Yakuza stalk Japanese markets as organised crime opens new front

From The Times
August 28, 2008

By Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent

Japan’s powerful yakuza organised crime syndicates are mounting a widespread assault on the country’s financial markets that may have left hundreds of listed companies riddled with mob connections.

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Rainy Day Yakuza #10,001

a conversationI was knocking back drinks with a former bodyguard in the Yamaguchigumi, and it was raining outside.

He is about fifty years old, six feet five, and has arms that are bigger than my legs.

I was sitting on the tatami listening to the rain outside, and while he lit up his twentieth cigarette of the day I said,

“I love rainy days.”

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