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Living With The Mob: Yakuza Deeply Rooted In Japan


The Tattooed Men are not easy to live with.
Once the yakuza move in, they don't move out easily.


by David McNeill and Jake Adelstein

A bloody dispute between two rival Yakuza groups in a southern Japanese city has led to a historic fight-back by local people.  But rooting out the mob from society will not be easy.

“Get lost.”  Not a promising start to an interview but this is hardly a standard interviewee: a flint-eyed gangster sporting a crew cut and a boiler suit.   His two colleagues glower from behind oversized sunglasses and thick layers of suspicion.  Rippling tattoos snake out of the rolled-up sleeves of Goon No. 1.  “Kieusero,” [Fuck Off], he growls before slamming down the shutter of his office garage.

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