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Month: September 2008

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  • Akihabara Massacre: Preventable Tragedy?

Akihabara Massacre: Preventable Tragedy?

The suspect, 25-year-old Tomohiro Kato from Shizuoka, testified that “I went to Akihabara to kill people. I’m tired of my life and the world has become terrible. Anyone would have been…

From The Guardian: Residents go to courts to evict yakuza

Residents of a city in western Japan this week became the first to turn to the courts for help in ridding their neighbourhood of organised crime, amid fears that they…

The town that took on the yakuza, from The Independent

Japan's mafia seemed untouchable – until a group of residents risked everything to launch a court fight to drive the gangsters out. By David McNeill in Kurume City

From the Times Online: Yakuza stalk Japanese markets as organised crime opens new front

From The Times August 28, 2008 By Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent Japan’s powerful yakuza organised crime syndicates are mounting a widespread assault on the country’s financial markets that may…