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Updated list: How to donate to relief efforts in Japan


Mar 14, 2011
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Note: This is an updated list from the previous entry. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments.

For those who are interested in contributing to relief and recovery efforts, below are some of the organisations that are taking donations:

Japan Society has created a disaster relief fund to aid victims. 100 percent of contributions will go to organizations that directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis.

PayPal is giving you the option to donate to several different charities through their website.

Washington DC-based Convoy of Hope is accepting donations. They’re providing food and supplies by working with local organisations inside Japan.

A group called Give 2 Asia is accepting donations to support immediate relief and short-term to long-term recovery projects. According to Reuters, they are currently “working with local advisors based in Tokyo to assess the current situation and to obtain more information on the needs of survivors.”

Donate directly to the Japan Red Cross here, even if you’re abroad.

The American Red Cross is accepting a minimum of $10 to support disaster relief efforts by the group in Japan and affected areas of the Pacific. The Canadian Red Cross also has a special site set up. The British Red Cross and Australian Red Cross are taking donations as well. You can also donate money to the American Red Cross through iTunes.

Global Giving will let you donate on the website or send them a text to contribute funds towards their earthquake and tsunami relief fund.

The Salvation Army are reportedly asking for financial donations and have sent teams from the US to join those already in Japan.

Save the Children has dispatched an international support team to help staff in Japan, and say donations will go to relief efforts.

International Medical Corps has put together teams and supplies to work with partner groups in Japan, and is asking for donations to help throughout the region. They’re also accepting donations through Groupon.

Operation USA is looking for financial donations, “bulk quantities of disaster-appropriate supplies”, and air mile donations through United Airlines Charity Miles program at www.united.com.

Shelter Box is accepting donations to send relief supplies in to affected areas.

Charity Navigator gives ratings to these organisations and more. Make sure your money goes where it counts!

Within Japan:

Time Out Tokyo, which has been providing fantastic updated via both their website and Twitter throughout the disaster, has the most comprehensive information on how to help from within Japan, including information on donating blood in Tokyo.

Google also has some great information on the disaster at their Crisis Response project page. For some of the best updates, check out Gakuranman’s page.

12 thoughts on “Updated list: How to donate to relief efforts in Japan”
  1. Yeah, I’ve heard dodgy things about the Red Cross before, namely the misappropriation of funds thing, and would like to recommend people donate elsewhere instead. Unfortunately they’re one of the big charities, thus making them highly visible and giving them easy access to the disaster site.

    Médecins Sans Frontières is likely one of the best places to donate . One place that I’ve personally worked with before Second Harvest Japan also looks to be taking donations. I don’t know if money and supplies donated will specifically go to the disaster relief effort, but I still highly recommend making a contribution.

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