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Taito residents move to block Kodo-kai invasion


Sep 24, 2010

Residents in a Taito-ku neighborhood will launch an anti-organized crime community group October 3 as a reaction to the recent move of a Kodo-kai front company from the wealthy Azabu-juban into the area. The front company, known as “K Project” is headed by the leader of the Komatsu-gumi, a figure who is seen as being at the forefront of the Kodo-kai’s migration into Tokyo. The community group is working with lawyers to investigate a potential lawsuit that would prevent the yakuza organization from opening an office in the ward.

According to official documents, “K Project” engages in management consulting and the buying and selling of real estate. After the company was established in 2007 they purchased a condo in a high-class Azabu-juban high rise, but local residents went through Tokyo District Court and succeeded in forcing the group out in April 2009. In February, K Project purchased a four-story commercial building located in Taito-ku, and officially moved in some time in August. Since then, police have been able to confirm Komatsu-gumi and Kodo-kai members moving in and out of the property, and believe that the gang is operating out of the premises.

A similar case occurred in January 2009 when the Inagawa-kai attempted to move their Roppongi headquarters to a location in Akasaka. Local residents were quick to act, ultimately preventing the gang from entering the neighborhood.

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