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Police woman sexually harassed by “transvestite” cop and co-workers. Kanagawa PD uphold lousy rep.


Jul 28, 2012

Japanese media and other sources reported on July 27th, that the Kanagawa Police Department will discipline four police officers in their thirties for sexually harassing a junior female police officer. According to reports, in March of this year, four police officers went drinking with the victim at a Karaoke bar in Kanagawa’s Yamato City. A traffic cop suddenly kissed the woman, and one of the white collar crimes detectives ordered her to take off her clothes and and change clothes with the traffic cop, which she did, while the traffic cop allegedly proceeded to dress in her outfit. (This isn’t the first time a cop with a penchant for transvestite activity  has gotten into big trouble.)

It should also be noted that the white-collar crimes unit usually deals with crimes by 知能犯 (chinohan) literally “intelligent criminals.” One has to wonder about the success rate for that detective if he’s that stupid.  It’s not a surprise that he was later transferred to the organized crime control division, which deals with yakuza. Clearly, his thuggish mentality made him perfect for his new assignment.

The other two police officers who were present did not sexually harass the woman but did not halt the activity.

The woman complained to her superior after being transferred this Spring. She did not file a criminal complaint for fear that it would affect her job nor did she disobey the orders to disrobe fearing retaliation in the workplace. The four men involved have admitted to the incident. The Kanagawa Police Department is reviewing proper punishment and whether or not the incident is tantamount to kyoseiwaisetsu (強制わいせつ)forced indecency or other criminal charges.

The Kanagawa Police Department has a long history of internal bullying and misbehavior, including senior cops hazing new recruits by lighting their pubic hair on fire.



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