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NewsFLASH: Cop Dressed in School Girl Uniform Fired For Public Nudity; “Sailor Moon”!?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the punitive dismissal of a thirty-eight year old male traffic cop yesterday (June 8th, 2012). The police officer was previously arrested in March, for dressing up in sailor girl outfit (school uniform) and exposing his genitals and buttocks to a 16 year old girl in Musashino City–adding a new meaning to the term “sailor moon”.

It's not a crime for a cop to dress up as a woman in a sailor outfit, but it is "public indecency" not to wear any panties with that cute skirt. Sorry buddy!

The officer allegedly became fascinated with dressing up as a woman circa 1995.  He told friends, “I really became fascinated with high school girls. I wanted to be a high school girl!” He is also suspected of having exposed himself to the teen-aged objects of his admiration two more times in the last year. (公然わいせつ)

The severe punishment meted out by the authorities and his pending court cases makes it seem unlikely that the officer will return to work as a “police woman.”


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