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Be Nice to the Yakuza, Or Else


Nov 1, 2009

Another amusing educational lesson by jake Adelstein for Publishing Perspectives, this time about the vital (literally) rules of being a yakuza reporter!

So, you want to become a Gokudokisha 極道記者, or rather, a journalist who writes about the yakuza? Then you should now there are some unwritten rules you will be expected to follow. (Read more about yazuka fan magazines here.)

1) No writing about ongoing criminal ventures or front companies.

2) When writing about yakuza arrested for extortion, assault and other crimes, the tone must be neutral.

3) Yakuza who are arrested for crimes such as theft and armed robbery should be treated as heretics, since those are, presumably, two crimes yakuza don’t commit. Street crimes, such as muggings, are off limits as well.

Read the rest here: Bonus Material: Be Nice to the Yakuza, Or Else!

One thought on “Be Nice to the Yakuza, Or Else”
  1. Jake san, I just saw your 60 minutes,segment in the USA. you are either very brave or stupid.I would leave japan and if you make out, your very lucky,good luck.

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