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Angry man strips naked on Shinkansen


Jan 19, 2011

A Yamagata man was arrested Jan 18 for public obscenity after he stripped nude inside a Tohoku Shinkansen while stopped at JR Morioka Stn. The 32-year-old man told police he got undressed after realising he rode on the wrong train. “I was so disgusted by my uselessness that I figured there was nothing to do but throw off my clothes and start from square one.”

According to Morioka police, the Tokyo-bound train was stopped at around 9:50am when suddenly a stream of clothing came flying out of car number 10, from jacket to underwear. Station staff who came to investigate the mysterious clothing discovered the man in car number 8, as naked as the day he was born. Upon further questioning, the man revealed he was trying to get home from Fukushima to Yamagata, but had gotten on the wrong train. He had received his clothing from his parents, and in a moment of anguish upon realising his mistake, he threw away the items because “..if I didn’t, I thought I’d never be able to stand on my own.”

The train departed 10 minutes late as a result of the incident.

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